Coulter Grove Intermediate School

The Most Viral Middle School in The Country

Coulter Grove is the #1 ranked middle school in the number #1 ranked district in the state. When they called us about a full marketing overhaul, we couldn't wait to get started.


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Website Design
Logo Design
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The Most Viral Middle School in The Country

Why They Called Us

It all started when Coulter Grove was tasked by the school district to overhaul their website. They were overwhelmed, so they called us.

After our discovery meeting, we determined a full brand overhaul was in order. Everything from logos to social media management.

Coulter Grove is the number one ranked middle school in the state. They had to make this count!

Our Gameplan

The reality was that this was a big project for a school, even if they are the best in the state.

We made sure to put together a plan with clearly executed steps so that no one felt behind or overwhelmed. We sat in meetings with the district on their behalf and took the legwork off their hands completely.

We started with new brand photos and a new logo. Next was the website rollout. Finally, we wrapped up with social media management.

The Results

Where to begin! Well, for starters, the new photos and logo was a total hit with the staff. They loved seeing those smiling faces!

The website design went off without a hitch, and the parents using it have told us how much easier it is to find what they are looking for.

Finally, (our favorite) the social media! The kids absolutely love being on camera now that they are used to us being there, but now we have to wave kids off because they are too eager go viral!

That's right. The kids at Coulter Grove where a bit of a wild success on social media. We've amassed MILLIONS of views since taking over their accounts. Hence, the title "The Most Viral Middle School in the Country".

Check out some of our favorite of these viral Reels below!

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Our favorite videos from the project

Here's what they had to say about us

We're happy when they are!

"Nothing short of perfection"

I have had the privilege to interact with Jackson and his outstanding crew through multiple business opportunities!!! Every single experience has been nothing short of perfection! Jackson goes above and beyond to work alongside his clients -while paying close attention to every detail! Pursuit Digital is a very impressively ran business that I look forward to working with again in the future!

Jessica Coppenger
Coulter Grove Intermediate School PTC