While custom web design is our primary service, we also want to work with your business on all aspects of digital marketing and content creation


  • Custom Website Design

    Our primary service. Pursuit Digital builds and designs websites for companies of all kinds. You can learn more about this service by clicking or tapping here.

  • SEO Optimization

    We use top of the line SEO tools to make sure your business is best found in search results. Pursuit Digital offers full customization for your site’s meta tags, URL slugs, and more.


  • Google My Business

    Google My Business is a custom widget service provided by Google that is necessary for any business that wants to look great in Google search results. Pairing this with our Google Ads service produces the best results. Click or tap here to see an example.

  • Yelp Business Page

    Yelp Business is an absolute must-have for any business who operates locally. Yelp offers the best tools for getting found online, and pairing your page with our Yelp Ads service will make your engagements go through the roof.

  • Social Media Suite

    Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We can get your brand set up with a professional business account for all three services. Pursuit Digital can get you the tools to run things yourself, or manage it for you based on your goals and strategy.

  • Merchandise Store

    Setting up a merchandise store with Pursuit Digital can both generate additional income and give your business further identity. We build our stores using Spreadshop, a custom online merchandise service.

  • LinkedIn Business Page

    A LinkedIn Business Page is needed for any business who wants to make sure they can be found by other industry professionals. Pursuit Digital recommends every business have a LinkedIn Page for their brand to ensure they can be reached in any market.

  • YouTube Channel

    If you have videos you want to show the world, we can make it happen with YouTube. When we set-up a channel, we ensure it has all of the professional tools and features all of the top channels offer such as custom watermarking, advanced analytics, and an optimized layout.


  • Google Advertising

    Google Ads offer some of the most powerful services to get your business found online. Google Ads can boost your website significantly in search results, meaning you get more calls, clicks, or sales. Pairing Google Ads with our Google My Business service produces the best results.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Our social media marketing services can get your business found throughout all the major social platforms. We can target extremely specific groups to make sure your ad budget is used to its best extent. Your ads will get shown all over Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger.

  • Yelp Advertising

    Yelp Advertising in coordination with our Yelp Business page service can dramatically boost you reach in the local area around your business and make you stand out from competitors.

  • LinkedIn Advertising

    LinkedIn Advertising is one of our newest features we offer with Pursuit Digital. LinkedIn ads allow your business to be seen all over the world by industry professionals. Similar to Google and Yelp, using LinkedIn ads with our LinkedIn Business page service will ensure your business gets found on LinkedIn


  • Logo Design

    Having a logo design that accurately reflects your business and it's mission is essential to success for every business, large and small. Click here to see a logo we designed for one of our clients.

  • Graphic Design

    Our graphic design services can produce top of the line results for any business. We can generate graphics for social media, websites, or even signs/posters. 

  • Video Editing

    Whether you are looking for a simple slideshow or an in-depth production, we want to edit your video! Using our video editing services in coordination with our marketing & advertising services is most popular with our clients.

  • Design Animation

    Having a custom animation on your logo or graphic can really make it stand out in a competitive market. Click or tap here to see some examples we have created for a local church in the past. 


  • Business Email

    Ever wondered how to get a business email that doesn't end in Our custom email services can make your brand look instantly professional overnight. We use Google Workspace, so even though you get a professional look - it still feels just as simple as a Gmail account.

  • Business Phone Number

    A business phone number is essential for any business who expects to receive lots of calls, but wants to keep their business calls separate from their personal calls. We can get you set-up with a custom phone number specifically for your brand, without the need for a dedicated landline.



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  • Facebook
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