Kramer Rayson

Modernizing A Law Firm After 75 Years

Kramer Rayson is Knoxville's premier legal firm. With over 75 years of history, they were ready to make their marketing match their stellar reputation.


Brand Photography
Video & Event Production
Social Media
Logo Design
Modernizing A Law Firm After 75 Years

Why They Called Us

After consistently winning award after award for their legal work, they realized that their marketing was falling behind the competition.

They were looking for a team to work with them on all aspects of their marketing stack. Everything from web design to event production. So, they called us.

Our Gameplan

After consulting with them on their future plans for the firm, we decided a full brand overhaul was in order.

We worked with them on:

  1. A New Logo
  2. Social Media
  3. Magazine Ads
  4. Event Production
  5. Headshots
  6. Brand Video & Photos
  7. A New Website (coming soon!)

This full service approach allowed our full branding capabilities to shine through, and for Kramer Rayson to get our absolute best work possible.

The Results

Because Kramer Rayson completely trusted us with their entire marketing suite, we saw a massive jump in client engagement in all facets.

The firm is regularly complimented as the standard for marketing, and their work has yielded us projects with multiple other law firms.

We couldn't be more grateful for their partnership!

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Our favorite videos from the project

Here's what they had to say about us

We're happy when they are!

"Implemented an incredible plan"

Pursuit Digital ... WOW! They assessed our firm's needs and then developed and implemented an incredible plan to share the story of our 75 year history in East Tennessee. Jackson Greene and his team are responsive and always prepared. THANKS PURSUIT DIGITAL!

Will Carver
Kramer Rayson LLP